How ‘The Fluid Sari’ melds draping and art


How does one pull off a one-shoulder drape? Or a pleated skirt style? What about a Madhubhani drape? Niketa Malhotra, better known as Nikaytaa, is the founder of The Indian Draping Co (TIDC) and her colouring book and zine The Fluid Sari, part of The Fluid Zine answers all these questions through simple yet catchy steps… so, maybe skip a FaceTime session with your mother or grandmother and have this little guide handy.

“When I started my draping workshops about a year and a half ago, I was looking at ways to give people some notes,” she recalls, “because it’s not easy for people to remember their drapes once they go home. I released some YouTube videos but I felt that something like a book would be good, something they can carry and keep.”


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